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Sonos Move 2 expected to arrive with major sound upgrades

With stereo audio and a much bigger battery.

New Sonos Move 2 in green colour

Fans of Sonos’ high-quality wireless audio were mightily pleased to take it on the go with the Move portable speaker.

We scored the pint-sized portable speaker five stars out of five in our review. And word on the street is that the audio brand is planning to press play on a sequel speaker, and now we’ve got some more details. New reports suggest that the upcoming Sonos Move 2 will pack some big sound upgrades alongside a much larger battery.

According to The Verge, Sonos’ Move 2 should arrive with some rather tasty upgrades. Headlining the next-gen portable speaker is stereo sound rather than mono. The Move 2 will pack two tweeters rather than one, which will deliver much broader sound. It’ll still pack the original’s single subwoofer, and use Automatic Trueplay to optimise audio.

But sound isn’t the only upgrade. The Sonos Move 2 will include a much larger battery – promising 24 hours of playback rather than 10. The battery should still be replaceable, but you won’t have to swap it out or juice up anywhere near as much. Like the more recently released Roam, you’ll be able to share Bluetooth with other devices in your Sonos system. There are new controls on top, including a volume slider, carried over from the Era series. Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 are on-board, alongside Alexa and Sonos’ own smart assistant. Plus, there’s USB-C that supports audio-in and can charge mobile devices.

That all sounds great, but when should we expect the Sonos Move 2 to hit shelves? The Verge’s report expects the new portable speaker to make an appearance at the end of September. It’s expected to retail for $449, which is up $50 from the previous model.